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Mark was born and raised in Hungary and as a child he was determined to become his icon - The Amazing Spiderman. Since walking on walls and swinging between skyscrapers is still a work in progress, he chose his day job and became a photographer. viszlay

 His main profile is fashion and commercial photography . In recent years he has come to love the intimacy of portrait photography as well. 

His tenacity, humour and positive attitude have attracted clients, agencies and magazines such as: Coca Cola Co.,Squarespace, Debenhams, Skechers, Leo Burnett, Publicis, Nanushka, Volvo, Scenic Tours, Suzuki, Magic Moments India, Budapest Bank, Close Hair, Use Unused, Kata Szegedi, The Lingerie Collective, DSTM, Playboy, Elle, Marie Claire, InStyle  and many others.

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